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Eliminate Backlog Burden from Your Team

As your architecture becomes more complex and the amount of data you’re working with grows, your data ecosystem can experience performance and scalability issues. Without proper management of your database architecture, you can end up spending your days firefighting instead of working on projects that excite you and move your business forward.

Enable Your Team to Focus on Mission Critical Tasks with Open Source Monitoring and Expert Resources

How Managed Services Helps Your Team

Your DBA team is overworked and unable to tackle their high-volume of weekly and monthly tasks. Pragmatic Works can provide your team with the DBA tools and resources that fit your budget and needs.

We support your DBA by assisting with:

  • Monitoring SQL Server performance
  • Quickly tackling issues as they arise
  • Assessing and auditing your SQL Server environment
  • And much more!

What Our Managed Services Include

Our flexible resource offerings provide additional support to your DBA team, allowing them to focus on mission-critical tasks.
  • Supplement your team with a Pragmatic Works’ database expert
  • Keep an eye on the performance of your systems with our open source monitoring tool
  • Regular auditing and risk assessments of your SQL Server & Azure environments
  • Improve performance and reduce the number of incidents by providing additional support for your team
  • Complete coverage for overnight and 24/7 needs

How We're Different from Other Managed Services Providers

Our unique Database Managed Services offering combines monitoring tools and remote DBA services in one solution. This gives customers an open-source, transparent monitoring solution combined with our top-tier SQL DBA experts.

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