BI Documenter - VCU Health System
"The time and effort BI Documenter saves my team by documenting the entire BI stack is priceless."
Carlos Dickens

Manager, Data Warehouse

VCU Health System

BI Documenter - John Dempsey
"BI Documenter allowed me to document not only the database objects, but SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS too. This is a great benefit. It provided access to their metadata database repository the software used which I felt was a big plus. A must have tool."
John Dempsey
BI Documenter - Microsoft
"I'd say you have a very impressive and extremely useful product here. I highly recommend [BI Documenter] to anyone who wants to take snapshots of their SQL Server BI solution... Cool product."
Kirk Haselden

Development Manager

SQL Server Integration Services, Microsoft Corporation

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BI Documenter has now been updated to our new product DOC xPress! DOC xPress includes enhancements for newer versions of SQL Server, supports larger solutions, enables lineage and impact analysis down to the column level, and more. We understand that many of you are still fans of BI Documenter, and customers can still purchase BI Documenter by filling out the form below. However, please note that BI Documenter is no longer being updated and product maintenance is not available.

Contact Sales About BI Documenter

BI Documenter is now Doc xPress. If you'd still like to speak with us about receiving BI Documenter, please contact sales below.

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